It's all about relationships.
In direct response marketing, two relationships are important: the interaction between the product or client and the customer, and the interaction between InMotion and the client.

By providing customers with ample opportunities to interact with the client, InMotion seeks to build the relationship between the customer and the product and to inculcate brand loyalty.

How does InMotion work with clients?

In the world of the Internet, there are very few organizations with as much sales and traditional marketing experience as InMotion. Businesses tend to focus on the technology of the Internet rather than envisioning their online presence as a direct response channel capable of producing results.

InMotion serves as an interactive marketing force for clients who need an online presence. Instead of merely recreating a company's brochures online, InMotion seeks to leverage technology to produce for the client.

Often, the next step InMotion takes over all direct response channels for clients whose marketing department is elementary, unsophisticated or nonexistent. For clients with an established marketing department, InMotion coordinates and supports existing marketing efforts.

InMotion becomes a complete marketing and sales arm of clients who need full service. For some clients, InMotion even distributes products - in effect, completely taking over all marketing, sales and fulfillment.

InMotion's services are not predetermined - instead, InMotion meets the needs of clients, no matter what they are

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