InMotion's 10-point Site Design Procedure
Phase One: In conjunction with our clients we establish a set of goals and objectives for the site. During this phase we also establish a "Point of view" that we can build upon that conveys something unique that the visitor can remember us by. This may be a design feature, a special offer, or unique selling feature. These goals and objectives also serve as a guide for all future actions.

Phase Two: The next step is to develop a "Site Map" that outlines the content and interactive direction to be included in the site.

Phase Three: After all parties have agreed on the site map, InMotion develops a few different looks for the site and submits for client approval. These designs are posted to a testing server for review and comment.
If by some chance the client doesn't agree with the initial concepts, InMotion will submit additional designs until all parties have agreed and accepted a concept.

Phase Four: Actual site construction begins at this time as all parties have signed off on concepts. The site is constructed by section and as a section is completed it is made available on the testing server for client review and approval. Requested changes are made at the same time as additional sections are being constructed so that the site is finished in an expedited manner.

Phase Five: Once the site is completed it is posted to the testing server for final review. This is accomplished via a face to face meeting with interested client and InMotion staff members. During this meeting special attention is given to site navigation and to adding elements designed to increase future response rates.

Phase Six: All agreed upon changes as a result of Phase Five are implemented and posted back to the server for final client approval.

Phase Seven: The final approved site is posted to its actual URL and made available to the marketplace.

Phase Eight: This next phase is one of the most important ones and separates InMotion from most other interactive firms.
The site could look great and everyone love it, but if the visitor doesn't it's not very good. InMotion implements a small marketing campaign to drive traffic to the site so that we can review site functionality and visitor traffic patterns. This allows us to vary the themes or location of our key selling features to match those traffic patterns.

Phase Nine: Actions during this phase are a direct result of the findings in the previous phase. If we find that all is working to expectations than no action is needed. Any problems are addressed and the site revised once again.

Phase Ten: This last stage is actually ongoing in nature. Site traffic patterns must be reviewed constantly to assure the visitor experience and client expectations are being met.
For most projects the key components are pages viewed and contacts or sales generated. InMotion constantly tests site modifications and evaluates their impact on visitor traffic patterns with the goal of constant improvement.

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